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The Indignant Teacher to John Connolly: if you didn’t want the money, why did you do this?

August 21, 2013

WBUR was the first to break news of Stand for Children’s $500,000.00 endorsement of John Connolly’s Boston Mayoral campaign donation. Apparently he heard it first via media airwaves like the rest of us. At least, that what he says.

I’ve known John Connolly since childhood. We’ve been FB friends since before he was in politics. I like the guy, and I’d have liked to be giving him my vote. But I’m not. Because John Connolly has changed; politics, I guess, really is blinding. The John Connolly I knew would’ve made a damn great mayor of Boston. The politician…well, not so much.

I’m sorry, John, to be doing this. But the reality is, I have 3 lives depending on ensuring our next Mayor be one of virtue and justice. One who will make the very best choices for the Boston Public Schools. And right now, I’m not sure that person is you*. And this is my reason why; I hope you can answer it:

Why, if you did not “want” (or even, “request”) the money, did you participate in the multi-leveled, extensive screening process carried out by Stand For Children?

In WBUR’s breaking news article, it explains

“Stand for Children’s endorsement process took several weeks. Sam Holdren, a spokesman for the group, said mayoral candidates filled out questionnaires, which staff reviewed with the names redacted.

The organization then whittled the field to four — conducting interviews with Connolly, Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley, longtime community activist Bill Walczak and former Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative executive director John Barros.

Williams, the executive director, said Connolly’s record of advocacy set him apart. But the organization also weighed polling and the candidates’ financial resources.”

It’s just hard to believe you’re being all that truthful with today’s press release, after seeing that.

I do hope a response from you; shying away from teachers like me – who are reaching out is something that only the corporate reformers are doing, like Bill Gates. Can you tell I’m hoping maybe you’ll read some of those hundreds of heartfelt letters while you’re there? Maybe then you’ll understand.

And if you haven’t already read the copy of the Citizens for Public Schools report I sent you at the beginning of the summer, you can do that here.

Thanks, John, and I hope you can understand.




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