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Why So Indignant, Teacher? Voices from the Many…

Now that The Indignant Teacher is five months old, she has come to understand the difference between posts and pages in the blogging world. She’s not sure if she knows how to use pages correctly, or even if there’s a correct way to be doing so, but she’s Indignant enough to not care.

Welcome to the world of Indignance. This is an opportunity for teachers everywhere to express their own indignance in regards to all things education. Please add your own in the comment section that follows The Indignant Teachers:

  • I am indignant because I’m not teaching in the Boston Public Schools
  • I am indignant that the President of the Boston Teacher’s Union is on the board of Citizens for Public Schools, Massachusetts’ own ed advocacy organization, yet every BTU member is not also a member of CPS.
  • I am indignant because I have only recently come to understand Bill Gates’s responsibility in ruining the public schools
  • I am indignant that, as a teacher, I was allowed to be treated as I have been, and for the reasons causing me to be
  • I am indignant that, when sticking up for an entire grade of students who were pervasively and aggressively being bullied and collectively abused by a single student one year, I was subsequently bullied myself, in order to “shush” me from shedding negative light on my school

I will not be shushed. No indignant teacher should be shushed. Make your voices heard.


One Comment
  1. S. Hulse permalink

    How about an indignant mom! Common Core? I am so glad my kids made it out of the system years ago. Today I would have no choice but to home school.

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