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How to Win The Corporate Reform War

Simplest way:

Demand that your legislators impose an immediate mandated cease-and-desist of all high-stakes testing in their district or state.

They are the driving force behind the Movement,

They have been called the Heart of the Vampire; I like to call them the Heart of the Monster. Vampire isn’t scary enough anymore.

The high-stakes state tests – aligning with CCSS to soon be known everywhere as PARCC – are the toxins that are poisoning our schools.

We need to “Just Say No!!” to high-stakes tests…they hurt children!


  1. Jamie permalink

    They have been and continue to prepare our children for a NWO, at a faster and more brazen way than ever before. Common Core and many other things happening in our nation are all tied to the Millennium Agenda 2015 and Agenda 21.

  2. Jamie permalink

    Sorry meant Millennium Developmental Goals 2015 or MDG’s

  3. econdemocracy permalink

    The United Nations is not hiding under your bed folks. It is painful to see the confusion created by some right-wing leaders. I value common ground that I have with conservative parents and voters when we agree about things like both sides of political spectrum agreeing about local control, about teachers, educators ,and parents (not administrators, politicians or bureaucrats) should be at center of curriculum and education in general. But this madness of high stakes testing is not coming from the United Nations, MDG or otherwise. The MDG’s are about lofty goals like having less starving kids in the world, and kids being able to be in school instead of working at age 10 in some sweatshop…

    There IS a connection, but it’s simply this: folks like Billl Gates who want to ram High Stakes and NCLB down our throats also happen to want to “look good” so they pay lip service to, and donate some money to, international anti-poverty etc. That’s the only connection.

    In fact, by listening to right-wing demagogues (and I have to admit some centrist and even some left-wing, fake “progressive” ones sometimes) who go on about Agenda 21 and NWO and any other scary acronym they can get their hands on, sorry, not only is this barking up the wrong tree, it’s the OPPOSITE.

    What do I mean? Anti-poverty is about putting humans and clean air (or God’s creatures and creation for the religious) above profit…They are under-funded and they have their blunders, but anti-poverty is a good U.N. goal…the problem is, High Stakes Testing and Privatization of Education and NCLB come from the opposite: they want to put profit above all else.

    And the same right-wingers who support corporate power and profits over all else, now want to convince us they are on our side in our battle against the Corporate takeover of education by trying to lay the blame on anti-poverty U.N. programs instead of on their Big Corporate Interest friends who want to make a buck off of privatizing, over-testing and the rest? Don’t fall for it folks!

    Keep your eyes on the source of the problem: the corporate for-profit take-over of everything that’s well underway: takeover of politics, of healthcare, corporate takeover of food, they want to steal and privatize your social security, and they want to take over and make money off education..the problem is the Corporate Feudalism for-profit privatizsed economy (Communist China is not the answer of course, it’s the mirror image of the same Centralized Economics, two sides of same corrupt totalitarian coin: Corporate Capitalism and Communism are not opposites, they are twin siblings!) instead go for local de-centralized people-based, not money-based, “one person, one vote” not “one dollar, one vote”, common humanity over Mammon and the corporate Mammon worship, that’s the way forward. EconomicDemocracy site has links (.org)

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