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Two Days After My Latest Post, the Boy from Florida Dies…

February 10, 2014

There are lots of reasons why I love Diane Ravitch. During the past 9 months, since The Indignant Teacher was born, I have had the pleasure of getting to know her through email and video conferencing. She amazes me. I hope to meet her in real life this summer when I am back in the States, but even if I don’t, I am blessed to have come to know her at all. Like I assume many edu-bloggers likely feel, Dr Ravitch is a mentor – she is an inspiration and a leader in every sense of the word. As someone who has had an extensive (and some may say, impressive) educational history, I can say with certainty that the very best was the one she unknowingly provided me.

Last week, I posted a horrifying story about the boy in Florida who was dying, and with controversy about his inability to take the FCAT. Two days later, I learned, he died. My condolences to his family…as a mother myself, I cannot fathom having to deal with the loss of one of my sons. It is tragic, unspeakable, and unthinkable, and I pray his parents can somehow find the strength to go on.

Diane Ravitch used this case to call on Arne Duncan and Jeb Bush, asking where their priorities are, and challenging them to answer one question. Will they? Unlikely. No one in the Obama Administration is likely to accept any of her offers to have a conversation…why? Because they will lose. They will be torn apart. And they know it. 

The Indignant Teacher hopes that one of these days, someone decides to answer Dr Ravitch. Maybe when that day comes, the tide will finally turn. Until then, kudos to Diane Ravitch, for being the amazingly inspirational woman that she is, and having the (you-know-whats) to fight the good fight, at any and all costs.

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