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Breaking News!! The Network for Public Education Endorses Rob Consalvo for Mayor of Boston

September 18, 2013

The Network for Public Education has endorsed City Council member, Rob Consalvo for Mayor of Boston.

The September 24th primary in Boston – the city that has been called the birthplace of public education – looks to be a tight race as twelve candidates are vying for two spots in the November general election.

In deciding to endorse Rob Consalvo, The Network for Public Education took into consideration the Hyde Park resident’s record of service to public education. Since the early 1990’s, Consalvo has worked with parents of children with special needs as a member of the Boston Special Needs Parent Advisory Council (BSNPAC). As a member of the Boston City Council, Consalvo served as a conduit between the parents of school children in Roslindale and the Boston School Department, helping to ensure that the promises of public education were fulfilled. NPE is confident of Consalvo’s commitment to public education as he has two children who attend the Boston Public Schools and a third who will enter the city’s school system next year.

Rob Consalvo has also earned the endorsement of The Network for Public Education because of his stance on many issues important to NPE. He has stated that he does not believe in raising the cap on the number of charter schools in Boston. He believes that schools should offer students comprehensive curricula and that we must examine our over-reliance on standardize testing – the data and results of which should only be shared outside of the school system (with companies like inBloom and Amplify) with parental consent.

Also of importance to The Network for Public Education in endorsing Rob Consalvo is the confidence of our members in Boston. One NPE ally, Karen Kast-McBride, said, “Rob is honest and he has been called ‘the hardest working city councilor in Boston’ for eleven years. He has consistently stood up for our students, families and educators, which is what we need here in Boston. Under anyone else, I fear we will see sweeping privatization.”

Considering the amount of money that has come in to local elections from deep-pocketed proponents of corporate education reform, The Network for Public Education lets it be known that our endorsement of Rob Consalvo does not come with any strings attached. An NPE endorsement does not come with money or paid volunteers. Nonetheless, we throw our enthusiastic support to Rob Consalvo, and encourage those who care about public education to do the same.

via The Network For Public Education | NPE Endorses Rob Consalvo for Mayor of Boston.

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