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Bill Gates Confuses The Indignant Teacher

September 8, 2013

I’m much too perplexed to be indignant, actually.

I don’t even know how to begin making sense of what just happened…

When I reread my newly edited and improved second letter to Bill Gates (thank you, Susan DuFresne and Katie Lapham)- complete with scary new title and image – I found myself compelled to visit his Facebook page.

It was the first time I’ve done so.

I’d expected to be met with reason upon reason to fuel my fire.

I wasn’t.

I’d imagined myself posting my angry letter to this Bad Man’s wall, in an attempt to thrust it in his online face.

I didn’t.

Instead, I fled from the craziness I’d discovered there. I didn’t know what else to do. All I knew was that suddenly, making Bill Gates know how pissed off I was at him didn’t seem like the right thing anymore.

Suddenly, I was faced with the prospect that I’d completely and utterly mis-understood this man.

Suddenly, I wondered if the character I’d created to understand him existed only in my own imagination.

Because what I found on his FB page did not paint the picture of the narcissistic, greedy, corrupt, heartless, corporate monster that was painted in my mind.

Is it possible that I was wrong?

Is it possible that I completely misinterpreted every single thing I’d read about Bill Gates???

No, it couldn’t be. Could it????

Maybe this is his most diabolical plan yet. I’m too smart to have messed this up that badly. Aren’t I???

Maybe I should stop talking to myself about it, and explain (I told you, I’m confused – here’s why)…

  • Facebook Bill Gates seems more Evangelist than Monster
  • FB Bill Gates seems to be driven by sharing some message about God
  • FB Bill Gates reminds me of Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker/Jehovah’s Witnesses/Kirk Cameron all rolled into one
  • FB Bill Gates loves mankind
  • FB Bill Gates wouldn’t hurt anyone, much less an entire nation of children
  • FB Bill Gates truly believes he is making a positive impact with his varied philanthropic efforts
  • FB Bill Gates isn’t driven by greed
  • FB Bill Gates calls himself “Mohamed Bill”

Wait, what?!?!?!

  • FB Bill Gates calls himself “Mohamed”. That’s what I said.

Does Bill Gates really have such delusions of grandeur that he truly believes himself to be The Prophet of God?!?!

  • Facebook Bill Gates certainly does.

As I said, I’m not stupid. I’m not (usually) ever this far off the mark with comprehending what I read, either. 

And so I decided that creating this identity of “Mohamed” was Mr Gates’ most carefully construed plan yet – convince the world that you’re God’s Messenger, convince the world that you’re doing the right things for mankind. As frenetic and demented as this was, it was also pretty genious.

After all, nobody says no to God.

But who really believes they’re His Prophet? What kind of person takes such steps to convince others of the same, unless he truly sees himself as such? Does Bill Gates really believe this?

It’s much easier to swallow than the alternative. If he’s not consumed with legitimate maniacal delusions, then he’s even more of a monster than I’d previously thought.

Except his prophetic rantings that fill his FB page only lend credence to the insanity theory. They don’t even make sense. Deciphering them gives me a headache and leaves me feeling unsettled.

They’re the maniacal ramblings of a lunatic, written hastily, whose grammatical and mechanical errors are glaringly troublesome. They point to a person who’s slipping away from reality. They go beyond “fake crazy” to a place that a sane person couldn’t possibly go.

“Pure love Is to enter your life without permission and Offers you love on paper from roses and Carry you to the world of dreams and Turn your life into the world of myths and legends and Makes you feel responsibility towards you and you Officer him and Teach honesty, love and devotion , Turns blackness into whiteness and guide you to sunrise , Becomes a heart that loves and The eye that sees them and Key world to hear your heart the world view of life with hope and optimism in the future considering how manufactured by From inside the cavities of the heart To get a soul and conscience For controls each Human entity ,and The world is so strange world of his feelings and his words and magical world of prestigious leave us away and We may find ourselves in a space above the Moon sense of internal forces for Relationship from spirit to spirit and I hope to become loved for yourself and your abilities and instilled love in the hearts of others and to be balanced personality would you like to see in this world.” 
-Mohamed Bill

How many times did you need to read that before you kind of started to make sense of it? Or decided it made none?

See what I mean?

Is he creating his insanity defense ahead of time? Is this part of his strategy??

“I know that God loves the world, but did you know that God loves you personally , God love you in the past and take care of you , God loves you now and take care of And even feel with you at all what is going through difficult circumstances and severe pain , The psychological , emotional or physical , God takes care of you and protect you and wants to carry your worries and helps you , May not be satisfied with yourself, you may feel that you are not loved by others , Despite numerous your attempts and even the continuing search for a loving friend amid the pressures and difficulties and pains of this life , God loves you ♥”                                                                                                          –Mohamed Bill


And even his own response to “what makes a great teacher?” validates his insanity theory…

“That have a strong ability and vision to create a shiny generation is characterized by creativity and thought different and creative imagination.”

I think he meant to say “They”, not “That”, but regardless, WTF is he talking about??

Anyway, I’ve said enough. Find Mohamed Bill on Facebook, and draw your own conclusions. Then come back and help me get rid of this headache I’ve given myself trying to understand this enough to explain it. Please.

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  1. I noticed a few discrepancies between the information on “Mohamed Bill”‘s Facebook page and the information on Bill Gates’s Wikipedia entry.

    Facebook says Mohamed Bill studied at MIT. Bill Gates did not (though he has donated generously to MIT); the real-life Gates studied at Harvard. Facebook says Mohamed Bill lives in New York, NY. The Wikipedia entry for the real-life Bill Gates says that he lives in Medina, Washington, just across Lake Washington from Seattle. Facebook says Mohamed Bill was born on December 8, 1986. The real-life Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955.

    I suspect that the Mohamed Bill Facebook page was likely created by someone other than the real-life founder of Microsoft.

  2. And that’s what I thought too at first. But dig a little deeper, & also scroll thru posts and comments on the Foundation’s FB page…it clearly indicates that Mohamed Bill’s voice is that of Microsoft’s founder himself…doesn’t it?

    Admittedly I limited the time ive spent lurking his pages…& maybe when I finally do, I’ll think differently. I hope so.

    Because Bill Gates the Monster is a much easier pill to swallow than is Bill Gates the Prophet.

    How can we ever possibly take down a man who BELIEVES he’s speaking the word of God?

    I hope to Him you’re right, & Mohamed Bill isn’t Mr Gates actual identity…because what would they even mean??

  3. What’s even scarier is the cult of followers he maintains. And the interactions that occur between them and him is like the Prophet really is addressing his disciples. One woman says she’s a TEACHER, & gushes words of adulation, devotion, gratitude, & even reverence in response to his crazy preaching. It’s sick. It really is. I fear a world where people like this exist among my children. It’s impossible to accept they really do.

    There’s got to be another explanation.

  4. Sheree permalink

    Cannot be the same Bill. Not that I knowhim personally, but I’ve done some catering for Microsoft, and, my fiance has met him, and talked with him.
    He may have some intentions that UberRich people do, but he cannot be the same Bill Gates. Not at all.
    Don,t worry your head about whatever this Mohammad guy says.
    But, I would check out u Tube about some , things the REAL BG says.

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