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Indignant Lesson #11: Why Massachusetts Needs to Drop Out of the Race

September 4, 2013

Indignant Lesson #11: Why Massachusetts Needs to Drop Out of the Race

Massachusetts is just starting their fourth year of aligning its Student Learning Outcomes to CCSS/PARCC, bidding adieu to their Massachusetts State Standards that grew out of the Ed Reform Act of 1993. When reading Diane Ravitch’s post about MA NAEP Scores and what they mean – that Massachusetts continues to be the nationwide leader in education, comparable to the international ones – it must be remembered that these scores are representative of an education largely based on our former standards 

Last year The Indignant Teacher, upon returning from summer vacation, asked her 6th Grade Social Studies class – a subject which had become a “specialty”, as a result of this alignment to new standards – to raise their hands if they traveled out of the country over vacation.

80% of the class raised their hands.

Three students actually left the country. The others went to NYC, Florida, and even The Berkshires!!

Today’s 6th graders’ backgrounds in science are comparably pathetic. They can’t tell time. They don’t know cursive – the “signature” will soon be a thing of the past. Something for the History books. If there even are any.

Point is, Massachusetts traded in an excellent set of standards that produced children who, essentially, had achieved the “most” academically, & in return has adopted something that was untested and unproven, & which was created by people who had no knowledge or background in education (Bill Gates) as being the way for teachers to now teach, and students to now learn. States before us have only proven this new “Common Core” to be detrimental and not a good direction for education to be moving at all…

The Indignant Teacher predicts that in 5 years, Massachusetts will no longer be comparable to neighboring countries in terms of academic achievement anymore, and when we’re not, we can thank Common Core. It’s destroying education. It’s a monster that needs to be slain. ASAP.

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