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Indignant Lessons

August 30, 2013

The Indignant Teacher is pleased to announce the release of “Indignant Lessons”, designed to offer it’s readers the opportunity to become sufficiently educated on what’s really happening in American education & the Public Schools today {think modern-day “Cliff’s Notes”}. These lessons are imperative if one wishes to make informed decisions when considering educational issues and “hot topics” affecting one’s children.

The objective of “Indignant Lessons” is to ensure that voters (including & especially politicians) understand the Truth, so that when the time comes to cast our ballots we do so with confidence in knowing that we are voting for the best Candidate, and in the best interests of our children. They have been written to provide the most simplified & cohesive information about the most important issues in ed reform today. They are Lessons that, altogether, can be learned in minutes, and have immeasurable potential.

The Indignant Teacher is not trying to push her views on anybody. She is offering people the chance to finally & confidently establish their own. She has nothing to gain by doing so…at least not on a directly personal level. She hopes that by realizing this, Indignant Lessons will be learned by many, and understood enough to make a difference.

The Indignant Teacher, after months of prep & often obsessional self-education, has prepared her most important Lesson Plan yet. Her audience, for now, is the City of Boston – with 12 identified “students” – most targeted for intervention. Ensuring The Indignant Teacher prove to ultimately have shown “effective instruction” for these 12 Boston Mayoral Candidates is contingent upon the rest of the “class’s” active participation. This is a time when “Pass It On…” is allowed. Actually, it’s expected, as it’s the only way to assess “Best Practices” were used. {forgive the teacher humor}

The Indignant Teacher mightn’t be returning to the BPS next week for the first time in most years of her life, but she has recently come to realize that she doesn’t need to be in a classroom to do what she was put on this Earth to be doing. She knows she is a Teacher through and through, and that she didn’t get to be that because of any conscience decision or choice – she is, because she is meant to be. It’s what she knows. It’s what she does. She teaches. And she hopes “Indignant Lessons” will prove to be her very best yet.

There is an urgency to successful delivery of Indignant Lessons; they were written in hopes of making enough of an impact to influence readers to look further in to the reality of things for themselves, because when they do, they will be sure to take action. Like The Indignant Teacher did. Like she walked out of the classroom to do, & at the cost of a paycheck. Please help her make a difference, by sharing her Lessons throughout social media, and especially in Boston.

{PS Like any good teacher, The Indignant one knows successful instruction depends on trial and error, and reserves the right to modify Indignant Lessons as needed. She further welcomes collaboration &/or constructive feedback from other Edu-Bloggers and “experts”, as she is not. All she is is someone who knows enough to explain the “big picture” accurately enough to (hopefully) incite a reaction, as it has with everyone who came to learn the truth. The amount of information is overwhelming; keeping on top of current events is a full time job, as The Indignant Teacher knows. Right now, the urgency comes in getting society’s attention enough to listen. That is the overall goal of Indignant Lessons, and they will be tweaked as necessary, & until it’s been achieved.}

***Indignant Lessons must be read in order, from #1-#9, to be understood. That’s probably obvious, but posting them all at the same time wasn’t probably the best idea.***


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