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Indignant Lesson #8: Reign of Error

August 30, 2013

When the day comes that Truth overpowers Money, Diane Ravitch will go down in history as the individual who proved to be the Commander of the Army that won the War on Education. Until then, we will continue to be prevented from fighting the real war on education – the one that knows poverty as The Achievement Gap’s most lethal adversary.

Years ago, Dr Ravitch predicted the outcome of this, the second Battle. She is about to release Reign of Error, which will surely document evidence confirming the disaster she accurately predicted.
Dr Ravitch has offered Edu-Bloggers nationwide an advance copy of her book, inviting them to review it and spread the message of truth. The Indignant Teacher is honored to have been selected as one of these Edu-Bloggers. She doesn’t have to read the book to review it. She already knows it will offer its readers an eye-opening perspective about a power of greed that most of us will find difficult, if not impossible, to believe. And she also knows that Dr Ravitch will provide indisputable – albeit inconceivable – documentation and evidence supporting every word she says. 
Even the most skeptical reader will close Reign of Error faced with new reality about life – the reality that “Bad Guys” truly do exist, who are so fully controlled and consumed by greed that they will stop at nothing – even harming an entire generation of innocent children – to achieve what, to them, is ultimate power.
Reign of Error must be a must-read for every citizen in America today. It is time for our Nation to hear Dr Ravitch’s message. Only then can this War be won. Only then can Demoracy be saved. Only then can Liberty and Justice be for all.
We are close. The War is about to end. Dr Ravitch will initiate the 3rd and final Battle with the release of Reign of Error in a few short weeks, and The Indignant Teacher predicts this will prove to be The Battle that wins The War.
Now is the time to recruit more soldiers. Now is the time to find a soldier willing to put himself directly at front of the line of fire, knowing the Army behind him will be all the protection he could need. That soldier will be found in politics.

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