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Indignant Lesson #7: The Power of Money vs The Power of Truth

August 30, 2013

By now Mainstream Media is, for argument’s sake, owned by Corporate Reformists. Evidence of Corruption on the local levels are being uncovered at an alarming rate across the country, but isn’t major news for reporters, if it’s any news at all. Regardless, Social Media is slowly but surely coming to be realized as a viable and valid source of factual information, and truth is slowly but surely being spread.

Children in states across the country will be going back to school next week (if not already) gearing up to face the brutal onslaught of two of the Corporate Reformists’ Biggest Ideas – Common Core and, even scarier, of it’s assessment known as PARCC. In doing so, District leaders have reconstructed their schools – and will continue to – to best adapt to these initiatives. As a result, children everywhere will be forced into being part of a world that has already proven will only be one that is harmful to their social, emotional, and academic futures.
These are not “Best Practices”, as any teacher will tell you. Do not make decisions that will affect your children until you are sure you know the truth. Only then, will you do the right thing by them.
Take the time to self-educate. Care about future generations enough to self-inform. You will have no one to blame but yourself when certain destruction befalls society if the Movement continues to be directed as it has by Corporate Reform’s hand. 
The Corporate Reform Movement needs to be stopped in it’s tracks. Now. The direction it’s moving is wrong. The consequences down the road will prove to be something terrifying for America. 
Our Democracy is on life-support. The answer to saving it will only be realized in self-education, and by subsequently educating others. 
This War on Education can be effectively summed up as the Power of Money vs The Power of Truth. Money’s Power is starting to reach it’s potential; there is a limit to what money can buy, and it stops at Democracy. It is every citizen’s responsibility to our Nation that we take the minutes necessary to educate ourselves about the Truth, and help it, once and for all, prove to be infinitely more powerful than that of Money. It is time for each American to do his part to save Democracy. The time is now.


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