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Indignant Lesson #6: 2013 – The Year Corporate Reform Unravels

August 30, 2013

As 2013 gets underway, Corporate Reformists have pulled out all the stops, and they’re impressive. They have, by now, ensured that their Big Ideas have made way into school systems across the country.

Diane Ravitch continues to lead her Army with unbridled energy. She blogs and tweets from 7am until midnight, 365 days a year. As Truth spreads, her team grows more powerful, and members prove to have the same energy of their leader. She launches The Network for Public Education. Grassroots organizations mobilize and edu-bloggers start coming out of the woodwork, dedicating their lives to finding, and sharing, the truth.
By now, investigation after investigation has only served to prove unethical and immoral practices have been the only plan of attack of Corporate Reformers. Activist upon activist has uncovered example after example of corruption, cheating, and the power of greed.
Two Most Notable Examples of Corruption to Date:
1 – Michelle Rhee, as Chancellor of DC – is not Superwoman. Her proficiency rates and Achievement Gap narrowing were shown to be nothing more than lies spewed on America after major cheating scandals had created them. She pretends to know nothing about this. Evidence abounds to contradict her ignorance and innocence. Dr Ravitch and Edu-Bloggers across the country do whatever they can to spread the word. Mainstream Media ignores their efforts. Mainstream Media refuses to broadcast this truthful news about what the once considered to be the most noteworthy.
2 – When George Bush sold the country on the idea of NCLB in the first place, he did so by touting the methods used while Governor of Texas, that resulted in 100% graduation rates of students. Further investigation into these rates eventually uncovered them to be only true as a result of only including those who actually graduated in calculating the rate. In other words, while a “normal” graduation rate is calculated by the number of students who have dropped out since starting in 9th grade – along with those who went on to graduate – to come up with a percentage of graduates, GB’s Texas Team *forgot* to include that attrition rate in their calculations. 100% graduation rate was a lie; NCLB was also a lie.

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