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Indignant Lesson #5: 21st Century Chain of Events, 2nd Battle

August 30, 2013

It wasn’t until the second battle began that the other side of the War was really clearly established, and once it was, it only grew increasingly more powerful.

The Billionaire Boys Club had successfully convinced America that public schoolteachers were bad people who society should believe, most importantly, do not care about the children they have dedicated their lives to educating.
Michelle Rhee became a household name after the blockbuster release of Waiting for Superman. She was featured on the cover of Time Magazine and her special interest group, Students First, became Oprah’s “cause” of the moment. Michelle was “Superwoman”, who, as Chancellor of DC, had performed utter miracles in ed reform. Magic. She closed Achievement Gaps!! She graduated only “proficient” students!! 
Even the majority of teachers, trusting Mainstream Media as their only source of obtaining factual information, wished they were as awesome as Ms Michelle. Didn’t she have proof of her magic?
In the meantime…
Diane Ravitch releases The Death and Life of the Great American School System. In it, she not only summarizes the truth about what’s happened so far, but she takes it a step further. She predicts only devastation for America’s public schools if Corporate Reformists keep the momentum their Movement has, by now, well established in a very dangerous direction. She provides documentation supporting every word she writes. She explains everything thoroughly, and in great detail. She easily convinces enough people to establish, finally, an Army.
Unfortunately, her Army has none of the manpower (nor money) it’ll take to win this Battle now, but it has truth on it’s side, and everyone who hears the truth throws themselves full throttle into the fight. 
In time, Dr Ravitch’s Army grows to where it has established the power to make some noise. The Save Our Schools March on Washington is finally enough to prove to overpower Mainstream Media for a few minutes to let word of the March spread, although most are focused on Matt Damon’s involvement as being most newsworthy. 
Regardless, interest is piqued, and Dr Ravitch’s Army continues to grow. Though not nearly as powerful still, they are relentless in their efforts. This makes them dangerous; Corporate Reformists are getting scared.

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