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Indignant Lesson #3: The New Millennium’s New War on Education

August 30, 2013

Throughout history, the ammunition used in the war on education has been various reform strategies developed by educational experts and implemented by teachers. These methods have been developed after years of research, and frequently assessed for efficacy. When a strategy proved ineffective, it was discarded, and a new one instituted.

Since the turn of the century, we have seen an explosion of new reform efforts being introduced to districts across America. These efforts (aka “Big Ideas”) have established a very different War on Education that’s now being waged – a War that can now be realized as one having two distinct sides of individuals fighting on each of them. A War that exists for but one reason – greed.
The New Millennium’s War on Education
The Sides: “Corporate Reformists” vs. “Education Activists”
The Chief Commanders: Bill Gates vs. Diane Ravitch
The Fight: Corporate Reform vs. America’s Schoolchildren
The Militia:
Team ‘Corporate Reformists’ Team ‘Education Activists’
The Waltons Anthony Cody
The Broads Valerie Strauss
The Kochs Mercedes Schneider
George W Bush Leonie Haimson
The Other Billionaires Jonathan Pelto
Arne Duncan Lois Weiner
President Obama Nancy Carlsson-Paige
Mainstream Media John Merrow
Philanthropists Network for Public Education
Michelle Rhee Citizens for Public Schools
Politicians* Badass Teachers Association
Everyone Who Believes the Lies* Edu-Shyster
The Indignant Teacher
Everyone Who Knows the Truth*
The Goals:
Corporate Reformists: To achieve unprecedented power & immeasurable personal wealth by selling certain “Big Ideas” in education reform
Education Activists: To allow children to enjoy a school experience that will allow them to thrive & flourish; where individual strengths are fostered and weaknesses addressed; where expectations are always academically, socially, & emotionally appropriate; where The Common Good & democracy are introduced (by example) & ingrained in tomorrow’s citizens; where childhood’s best memories are made; where teachers can best teach & students can best learn; where “Lifetime Learners” are born; where America’s children know no harm
The Strategy:
Corporate Reformists: To convince society that they have the answers to narrowing The Achievement Gap. Teachers who argue otherwise will be punished. This will be achieved through overtaking all Mainstream Media venues – print, television, and radio.
Education Activists: To educate society on the truth about The Achievement Gap – that teachers cannot possibly narrow/eliminate the Gap until the poverty that created it be addressed. To further educate society about the reality of “reform” initiatives, particularly in regards to the unfathomable examples of corruption that have helped make them what they have become. This will be achieved through the presumed power of Social Media.
The Thrill of Victory:
Corporate Reformists: Public Education will eventually become completely dismantled. Children will be harmed – not just academically, but worse – socially and emotionally. The future will become uncertain. Democracy will be obliterated. There will be Liberty & Justice for no one.
Education Activists: Democracy will be restored; public education will remain the nation’s most important Institution; the future will look promising; children will not be harmed, only loved. As they deserve.

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