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Connolly Responds to The Indignant Teacher

August 27, 2013

Special Note: The following was The Indignant Teacher’s initial reaction to a controversial question she asked last week. It was an unfair reaction to an unclear effort on her part, & she should not have reacted as she did. The reason why she is still choosing to post it will become clear in the post that follows. It is doing things in the worst ways that can show us what’s really the best, as The Indignant Teacher has recently learned…

Last week, The Indignant Teacher posed a question to Boston Mayoral Candidate John Connolly for allegedly accepting a $500,000.00 donation that was attached to Stand for Children’s endorsement:

Why, if you did not “want” (or even, “request”) the money, did you participate in the multi-leveled, extensive screening process carried out by Stand For Children?

After 24 hours Connolly hadn’t replied, so she posted the question directly on his facebook wall.

That must’ve caught his attention some.

The post was removed. The question, dismissed.

The Indignant Teacher has received lots of flack from community members, friends, and even family who support Connolly.

She further received word from the Connolly campaign to stop “slamming” the Candidate.

She wants to reiterate that she wasn’t trying to “slam” anyone; she was merely asking the Councilor to explain his contradiction.

In The Indignant Teacher’s fantasy world, John Connolly would have somehow passed along the following message in response:

would like to apologize for what I now understand to be great ignorance about the reality of ed reform and the devastating impact “reform groups” like Stand for Children (aka, Stand on Children) has had on districts around the country (Chicago is best example of this), and would certainly also have on Boston. I was misinformed about the reality of these and other groups, but I have since become properly educated. In doing so, I have further re-assessed my initial position relative to charter schools, and, if elected, realize the only choice is to place a temporary moratorium on the creation of any new ones. 

I further understand that there is a war currently being fought nationwide as a result of ed reform and the direction the movement has taken. There is a small group of very powerful people (rich and political) on one team, being led by Arne Duncan and Bill Gates. (Stand for Children is on this team). The other team is being led by Dr Diane Ravitch, former US Assistant Secretary of Education/bestselling author/#1Expert on Educational History and policy. It is a large team and includes every public school teacher in the nation. This is the team I will play for.

For a few minutes I was blinded by my own political narcissism. Then I remembered who I really am at the core, and what drove me into politics in the first place, and so I have taken the blinders off and humbly ask for my Boston neighbors’ forgiveness for having put them on at all. I vow, if elected Mayor of Boston, to transform the BPS to places of real and authentic learning, where children’s strengths are fostered and weaknesses are addressed, where students thrive in developmentally appropriate experiences, where they are nurtured and encouraged, where school is a positive experience for each and every one.

But that’s just a fantasy. In real life, The Indignant Teacher has been told to shut up. Stop asking questions. That has been the response instead, unfortunately.

‘Nuff said.


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  1. “blinded by my own political narcissism”. That’s beautiful Indignant Teacher. Don’t ever shut up.

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