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This is What $500,000.00 Can Buy. Any Questions???

August 22, 2013

Stand for Children’s co-founder describes the takedown of Chicago Public Schools and their Teacher’s Union.

Boston does not need to follow Chicago’s footsteps.
Find one teacher who will tell you any differently.
I am not the only indignant one.
I am the one who became indignant enough to get out.
I have thrown myself full-throttle into, I guess, activism.
I do not get paid for doing so.
I do so because I believe I know what needs to happen; 15 years in the classroom and a Master’s Degree has entitled me to that belief.

Please educate yourselves before you make your decision next month, and, more importantly, in November.

Here’s what happened in Chicago this year:

There’s more. Lots more. They have years and years of damage to clean up. We don’t need this in Boston. Trust me. Ask a teacher.

{special thanks to Diane Ravitch for making this post much easier to write:}


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