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Poetic Works Inspired by Corporate Ed Reform

August 6, 2013

Ever since I posted, Fight the Poweran ed reform poem written (I think) by Alan Singer, I have had limericks about the people in the “Movement” running around in my head. I thought I’d share some for any other word nerds like myself to enjoy. 


Chancellor of D.C.

There once was a girl, Michelle Rhee,

Who grew up to be Chancellor of DC.

Wrong answers she erased,

Showing more kids had aced.

Til the scandal proved what a cheater was she.


Geek of All Geeks

There once was the geek of all geeks,

Obama now jumps when he speaks.

He thought he’d fix schools,

And changed all the rules

Of an institution older than the Ancient Greeks.


The Great Master Plan

There once lived a girl named Diane,

Education’s best histori-an.

She once changed her mind,

Saying, “wait, let’s rewind.

This wasn’t in Our Great Master Plan!”

These could probably use some tweaking, but I thought they were good for a laugh.

Maybe we should have a Poetry Slam!

Are you a Poet but don’t Know It? 🙂



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