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The Michelle Rhee Article That No One Will Print

August 1, 2013

John Merrow is an educational correspondent for PBS. He wrote an op-ed about Michelle Rhee that has been rejected by four newspapers, three of them national.

It’s amazing that reporters would rather continue to sing the praises of Ms Michelle and her Oprah-touted brainchild, Students Last – I mean, First – than to inform their audience about the realities of what she’s done and continues to do.

My first introduction to Ms Michelle came a handful of years ago when she was a guest on Face the Nation. At the time I was completely ignorant about the realities of ed reform, instead trusting that someone “above” lowly teachers like myself was, of course, making decisions based on the “best interest” of students. 

I remember watching Michelle Rhee that Sunday morning, thinking how amazing she was. How amazing Students First was. I was inspired and equally impressed with this woman who made me believe that she was driven by the Common Good – especially that of schoolchildren across the nation.

If only I knew then what I know now. 

Shame on the media for touting the people and policies behind ed reform as they do. People shouldn’t have to do their own research to find the truth in life. 



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