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Race to the Top of Boston City Hall: The Indignant Teacher Takes on the Boston Mayoral Race

July 23, 2013

Boston’s first competitive Mayoral Race in over twenty years has leading Education Reformists salivating, with groups like Stand for Children and Democrats for Education Reform hoping to heavily influence the race with both their money and their ideas.

These Education advocates say they want a full-throated candidate leading the City of Boston, someone along the lines of Chicago’s Mayor Emmanuel or NYC Mayor Bloomberg. They claim Boston is “ready to embrace” that sort of figure.

The Indignant Teacher is one life-long Bostonian who disagrees with them.

To see a candidate with the mentality of either of these two men take Office would be absolutely destructive to the children and the teachers in the Boston Public Schools, and would serve to be utterly devastating to the nation’s oldest public system of education.

What the City needs is a candidate whose plans for the BPS are the antithesis of those set forth in Chicago and NYC, because while Reformists are using their dollars to spread word of the “miracles” that are happening, the reality is that the systems of public education in those cities continue to crumble.

You can read more about Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC Public Schools here, and about Mayor Emmanuel and the Chicago Public Schools here.

The funders of the Ed Reform Movement — groups like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Walton Foundation, run by the family that founded Wal-Mart — have engaged in a hubristic effort to reshape American education, casting unfair blame on teachers and producing meager results in the process.

Worse, there is no real argument supporting the efficacy of the plans these Groups so staunchly support. In fact, the only real data that’s been collected and analyzed regarding their agenda (in Massachusetts, at least) – including charter schools, high-stakes tests, junk science, and the rest – indicate that they are wrongly touted as the direction education should be moving. To elect someone into Office as Mayor of Boston who is under their influence, and who is committed to maintaining this course of direction, would be driving the BPS straight into the ground.

The Indignant Teacher hopes to help avoid that from happening. She hopes to someday find herself back in front of the classroom, actually teaching, within the Boston Schools. She hopes to ensure that her own three boys, as well as all children throughout the City, are able to someday enjoy the kind of educational experience they deserve.

Step One is electing for Mayor one who shares this and every Indignant Teacher’s vision for the BPS…one that includes so much more than ELA and Math as primary subjects, where high-stakes are gone, where children aren’t so “common” and should be allowed to flourish as individuals with unique skills and talents, where schools aren’t run as businesses, and where people who are deciding what’s best in education are people who actually know.

There are 12 candidates vying for a top spot in September’s upcoming primary for Mayor of Boston. This will be the first new Mayor the City has seen since the Ed Reform Act was signed into legislation in the Commonwealth in 1993. The election of a new Mayor will be followed by the appointment of a new Superintendent of Schools. The nation as a whole is seemingly on the verge of a massive Education Reform – maybe a Revolt against the current definition. It is likely Boston’s most critical and pivotal time in it’s history of education.

There’s no doubt that Boston’s next Mayor could potentially and significantly add to the rich leadership history the City and State have long enjoyed, as long as whoever fills the seat is willing to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

The Indignant Teacher is setting out on a quest to determine who that candidate is.

She will document that quest in a series of blog posts called, “Race to the Top of Boston City Hall”.

Please do stay tuned and spread the word!! & may the Best Man (or Woman) Win!!


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One Comment
  1. Andrea Doremus permalink

    I’m on that same search Ms. Indignant. And I’m having a real hard time. Thanks for speaking the truth and staying awake!

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