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Reformist Group Hopes to be Major Influence in Boston’s Mayoral Race

July 2, 2013

Moments after Mayor Thomas M Menino announced he would be hanging up his Mayoral Hat this winter, a group of reformists emerged whose aim is to make their vision for public education the defining issue in the race for mayor. “Boston:Forward“, a group of “educational experts”, hope to influence the thinking of all the candidates, and has plans to meet with each one individually to share the group’s vision.

Specifics of the coalition’s vision include lifting the cap on charter schools in the Commonwealth, an idea that’s already strongly supported by candidates John Barros, Dan Conley, Bill Walczak, and John Connolly.

One of the first responsibilities on the next Mayor’s agenda will be to appoint a new superintendent to replace Carol Johnston. Boston:Forward aims to encourage Menino’s predecessor “to recruit a leader who shares the vision of pushing resources and authority – along with accountability for outcomes – down to the school level.”

Boston:Forward hopes to ensure that the next mayor is someone who will “embrace aggressively the reform measures that have already been set in motion.”

This is terrifying news for the children and teachers in the City of Boston. It’s time the teachers fight back.

Group pushes school autonomy – CommonWealth Magazine.


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One Comment
  1. OMG – I think you might want to help Boston’s children. But your analysis shows that you basically have NO CLUE about what is really going on in the schools. So how can you even presume to have an opinion or comment. Seriously!!???

    Go to the schools, Talk to us. Teachers and students. And THEN make your comments. Please, not before. That is just simply rude. Right?

    This link is what I was talking about in my email.

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