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The Very Best Lesson Ever Taught…

June 27, 2013

Someone should have sent this link to SCOTUS Tuesday morning.

The objective of Teacher Jane Elliot’s lesson(s) is blindingly clear to any person witnessing her magic. It wouldn’t take another teacher to argue that she engaged her class in a series of lessons that effectively & efficiently instilled in each of them the very message she was hoping to. & it’s horrifying to me that in today’s day and age our country continues to house ignorant a%%#*^$s who would benefit from experiencing this lesson themselves. Hopefully it’ll reach & resonate with at least one person. I posted it on FB in light of Tuesday’s Supreme Court insane decision. (Thankfully they did get one thing right, with the demise of DOMA, but this “one step forward, two steps back” isn’t anything to write home about).

I decided to also post this video here because, aside from the aforementioned value of it, watching this series of lessons as a teacher in 2013 is profound. There is so much value in every speck of what Mrs Elliot does; there is NOTHING that could be considered “bad teaching”.

Except in today’s world of Public Ed, EVERYTHING about this lesson would undoubtedly be considered “bad teaching”. Mrs Elliot, who in my opinion embodies every positive quality that makes an “Excellent” one, would surely be labeled as a “Bad” one. May be even fired for it!

Those of us who know firsthand what life is like within the walls of the classrooms across the nation today, understand everything that’s “wrong” with these lessons. We can recognize & identify every example of what could (or would) result in problems with her administration as a result; we know she is not the teacher who the schools are searching for. No matter how, in REAL LIFE, Jane Elliot is nothing short of EXCELLENT in EVERY way,

Maybe if each of these 3rd graders came forward today and explained to the people in charge the impact their teacher surely had on their entire lives, how she taught them what was arguably the most important lesson of their lives, they’d understand. Although I doubt it.

What this woman did for her 3rd graders is the very definition of “teaching”. It’s too bad it can’t happen in today’s schools anymore. Especially when the reality is, if these lessons wouldn’t have effectively prepared the students to be “College & Career Ready” in their lives half a century ago, then I don’t know what lesson could do better. Do you?


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